Day 20: 12 pounds lighter (mostly water and muscle I’m betting)

I’ve never been good about keeping up with a blog despite trying numerous times.  So I figure I’ll do less regular updates.  My progress so far with a modified, no supplement (except whey protein), 4 hour body program…

Stats: 40 year old male, 5’11″, vegetarian
Starting weight: 245lbs, ~37% BF

End of Week 3: 233lbs, ~33% BF, no tape measure differences, but I can feel the difference in my clothes.

I modified the 4HB to adapt things I’ve liked in other programs. I am, against Tim’s judgement, counting calories with Lose It! app. It also lets me gauge my protein, carb, fat %’s through the day so I can take in a protein shake if I need to. My sodium is through the roof (canned beans). Many days my energy is up.

Things I’ve learned.

-Drain and RINSE your beans to drop the sodium about 40%.

-Indian lentil dishes rock (add a package of steamed veggies too). Some of the prepackaged ones aren’t that high in sodium either.

-Black beans work best with eggs. I do a 3 white, 1 whole egg scramble with black beans and salsa most mornings.

-Guacamole makes an awesome salad dressing and Cannelloni beans make a good accoutrement.

-Homemade (crock pot) veggie soups are fantastic and go a LONG way.

-100 cal packs of almonds are practically worthless in tiding over hunger.

-I don’t drink enough water.

-NEVER weigh yourself when you first get up. My scale (does BF% too) varies wildly through the day. A reading about 1/2 to 1 hr after waking is better.

My wife read that
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