Day 4: Not really appreciating bagged beans…

Bagged beans are silly things.  I soaked them for 18 hours and cooked them for 3 and they are still hard…  I’m guessing these things are from the Bronze Age.  The cost savings would be significant, but I think I’ll stick to the canned stuff from here on out.

I ate almost to the calorie limit yesterday.  Huge dinner, all veggie stir fry (check it out in the menu at the bottom).

I had to cave a tiny, absurdly small bit on the no fast carbs rule.  I made K an eggplant terrine for our anniversary and had to use bread.  It had to pass the taste test so, well the rest is obvious.  I ate bread, 1/4 slice…

Lessons learned:
I found that a bit of kim chee worked in the stir fry as well.  It added a kick.
Bagged beans suck.
Steamed in the bag Brussels sprouts are not as good the next day.

Breakfast 481
Egg Whites, ckd 2 Each 33
Eggs, scrambled 8 Tablespoons 183
Spinach, baby, fresh 1 Cup 10
Beans, lentils, mature, ckd 0.75 Cup 172
Coffee, brewed w/tap water 16 Fluid ounces 5
Oil, olive, extra virgin 0.5 Tablespoon 63
Mustard, dijon 1 Teaspoon 5
Vinegar, balsamic 0.667 Tablespoon 9
Lunch 565
Nuts, almonds, whole 14 Each 97
Eggs, hard bld, lrg 2 Each 155
Hummus, Tribe Jalapeno 4 Tablespoons 100
Water, bottled, non-carbonated 2 Cups 0
Celery, strips, 4″ long, fresh 8 Pieces 5
Brussels Sprouts, ckd, drained 0.5 Cup 28
Cottage Cheese, Hood Low Fat 1 Cup 180
Dinner 373
Bean Curd 1 Serving 115
Mushrooms, fresh, whole 0.5 Cup 11
Celery Root, ckd, drained, pces 0.5 Cup 21
Nutrient data missing for: Sugars, Sat. Fat.
Broth, vegetable, fat free, rts, cnd 0.667 Cup 23
Steamready Oriental Veggies 4 Servings 140
Cauliflower, ckd, drained, 1″ pces 1 Cup 29
Relish, kim chee 0.25 Cup 15
Sauce, soy, naturally brewed 2 Tablespoons 20
Snacks 447
Bread, wheat, slice 0.25 Slice 17
Almond Butter, Blue Diamond 2 Tablespoons 190
Optimum Nutrition Shake 2 Servings 240
Nutrient Summary % Calories
Fat 70g 33.8%
Saturated Fat 15g
Cholesterol 900mg
Sodium 5,052mg
Carbohydrates 148g 31.9%
Fiber 40g
Sugars 43g
Protein 159g 34.3%
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