Day 3: Fat middle aged males drop weight fast… at first…

So I am down four pounds which isn’t a big surprise considering that title. It’s easy to lose weight at first. It usually takes me about 30 days to fall off completely. So I’ve got to buck my own history here. Gotta make it to August. I figure this is my fortieth stretch from January to August it can’t be that bad (that’s what we’ll keep telling me anywho)…

A good day, lots of energy. I didn’t work out formally today (i.e. no gym), but I did start 100 pushups (only 57 today) and I built my $20 kettlebell to do my swings. I have to hit the abs soon… Meh.

The beans are getting to me after two days. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the taste… if you know what I mean. I supplemented with a shake at the end of the day to hit my 40% protein requirement. I’m still missing those fast, white carbs. I was walking through the supermarket yesterday with a good amount of Pavlovian slobber… Pathetic. Once you read up on slow carbs, you start to realize that grocery stores must be carrying 90% fast carbs. Doing their best to keep America fat.

I experimented with a salad at lunch. I ate a whole bag of that prewashed precut stuff with balsamic and evoo. Not bad, and FILLING… I might try to alternate the salad bit to every other day. I dis have some luck with dinner… If you like black bean soup, I found this to be pretty good (7g fat, 71g carbs (80% slow), 48g protein):

Cottage Cheese, Hood Low Fat 1 Cup 180
Refried Beans, black, cnd 1 1/2 Cup 330
Salsa 6 Tablespoons 30

Pretty much a heat and eat. It was a bit salty and I might try it with a can of black beans next time.

Daily Log Calories
Breakfast 440
Egg Whites, ckd 2 Each 33
Eggs, scrambled 4 Tablespoons 92
Spinach, baby, fresh 1 Cup 10
Beans, lentils, mature, ckd 0.5 Cup 115
Oil, olive, extra virgin 0.5 Tablespoon 63
Sauerkraut, refrig 2 Tablespoons 5
Optimum Nutrition Shake 1 Serving 120
Coffee, brewed w/tap water 8 Fluid ounces 2
Lunch 371
Salad, Field Greens 4 Cups 40
Oil, olive, extra virgin 0.5 Tablespoon 63
Eggs, hard bld, lrg 2 Each 155
Spinach, baby, fresh 1 Cup 10
Coffee, brewed w/tap water 20 Fluid ounces 6
Nuts, almonds, whole 14 Each 97
Dinner 661
Cottage Cheese, Hood Low Fat 1 Cup 180
Refried Beans, black, cnd 1.666 Cups 367
Salsa 6 Tablespoons 30
Brussels Sprouts, ckd, drained 1.5 Cups 84
Snacks 352
Optimum Nutrition Shake 2 Servings 240
Cocoa, Organic Powder 0.333 Tablespoon 12
Peanut Butter, natural, creamy 1 Tablespoon 100


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