This I believe…

I am a secular humanist, one who believes that we can be good and further humanity while we are here and do not need any supernatural sugar daddy waiting to party for eternity with us (thank you Bill Maher)…  Life is what you make of it, if gaining some special salvation at the end is what YOU need to motivate YOU to do good, then go for it, but don’t hang your need for a eternal severance package on me, your children or anyone else.  Humans should do good for the sake of good and the sake of humanity, not for some “deal”.  If there is a reason for existence it is that we exist and strive to continue to exist so that those that come after us can continue to exist…

I hope humanity is moving towards a post-theological existence.  It has caused enough grief.  Our need for the supernatural is inversely proportional to our universal knowledge.  We’ve basically gone from many gods to one.  As we learn to explain life and the universe’s processes better, I believe we will become less reliant on our need to say “it’s God’s will” and therefore “it be done”.  The last vestiges of a primal need to use the supernatural to explain how things work can then fall away, without ramification.  We just have to let them… good bye Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, angels, demons and God…

My faith is in humanity and it’s potential to overcome it’s own animal nature.  We are a product of nature.  Our animal tendencies are exhibited on a daily basis through greed and the battle for power, the devouring of other species, the waste of resources and rampant procreation are visible at every level of life on this planet, including our own.  We should use our ability to rise above those animal tendencies, with NO hope of reward.  We should strive to become the caretakers of this world.  That should be the true goal of humanity… and if you need a purpose for human life, well there ya go…

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