The Beginning of the End

Weight: 280 BMI: 39.16 Fat: 35-38%

The Beginning of the End of my fat ass!

I am 32 years old and have been gaining and losing weight for about 20 of those years. So, for all intensive purposes I have had a weight problem for my adult life. I have tried many diets including Body for Life, Get with the Program, etc. I found that a mix of these ideals is essential for it all to work. Starting today I joined a gym. I find that I will not work out when I am at home and the outdoors are too random. The gym, although costly, will hopefully coerce me to continue. My goals are to be fit for once and for all. As far as a weight, my first goal is 230 lbs by 10/22 (my birthday). My main goal is to reach a body fat between 10 and 20%. To do this I have to lose about 12% of my fat which, based on a guess of 180lb lean mass, means I have to get to roughly 200 lbs. At 1.5 lbs per week I should hit 200-210 lbs by this time next year.

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